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young girl smiling before and after braces

Before and After Braces

In pictures of before and after braces, individuals can see how this orthodontic treatment works in practice. Braces essentially use a gentle, constant pressure to move teeth into the correct position. Since this pressure is extremely gentle, it takes time for the braces to complete their work. How Braces Work Braces are a dental device […]

a woman getting a check up after learning about the benefits of orthodontics

Benefits of Orthodontics for Your Smile

Orthodontics is a valuable branch of dentistry that was formed to straighten crooked smiles. Georgia orthodontic treatment often features braces for your teeth as the star player. These are composed of stainless steel spacers for braces which attached to your teeth and are linked by an archwire. The orthodontist will tighten the archwire every six […]

Woman smiles as she thinks about caring for braces

Caring for Braces

The time has finally come. After years of putting it off, you’ve finally broken down and gotten braces for either yourself or your child. However, now that you’ve got them, you’re not sure how to properly care for them. You remember your dentist telling you that if you damage your braces, you’d have them for […]

a man asking what is a periodontist while getting fitted for a retainer

What Is a Periodontist?

As you brush your teeth, you notice that the gums begin to bleed. Loved ones are commenting on your bad breath. You may need the attention of a periodontal healthcare professional. What is a periodontist? What is a Periodontist? Before you seek out the orthodontic services Johns Creek, GA trusts, it’s time to take care […]

young girl wearing traditional braces

Healthy Gums & Teeth with Traditional Braces

When it comes to adjusting the alignment of teeth, nothing beats using traditional braces. Orthodontists like Dr. Steven Ricci can install traditional braces to create a functional system for correcting misaligned teeth. With time and consistent adjustments, the orthodontic components can gradually provide you with a more appealing smile. Corrected teeth are also at reduced […]

young girl learns why do orthodontists tighten braces

Why Tighten Braces?

Do you feel like your periodic visits to the orthodontist are an inconvenience? Are you constantly wondering why do orthodontists tighten braces? While these appointments may seem unnecessary, they are actually crucial to the success and effectiveness of your braces. Without these appointments, your braces will fail to shift your teeth properly, making the process […]


Tooth Extraction for Braces

Having Dr. Steven Ricci install traditional metal braces in your child’s mouth creates an effective system capable of realigning your son or daughter’s misaligned teeth. This is often a necessary step for preserving the integrity of their teeth. Also, it prevents complications from dental attrition and dental fractures. However, a tooth extraction for braces is […]


What Not to Eat with Braces

The braces installed at the office of Ricci Orthodontics were designed to slowly realign your teeth, with periodic adjustments. Each time you visit [practice_name] to have your braces tightened, your teeth are moved one small step closer to their ideal alignment. While your braces were designed to be very durable, there are still certain foods […]


There are Different Variations of Braces to Help Correct the Alignment of Your Teeth

Problems with an underbite, overbite or other dental alignment issues can affect your mouth in multiple ways. On an aesthetic level, even minor deviations in the orientation and position of your teeth can leave you with an unappealing smile. On a functional level, when your teeth meet at an unnatural angle in your bite pattern […]

young girl with braces after discussing the oral hygiene topic for orthodontic braces

Oral Hygiene Topic: Orthodontic Braces

Are your teeth out of alignment? Does embarrassment take over when you attempt to smile? Do you suffer from a multitude of malocclusions? These are bad bites in your smile from teeth being out of ideal position? If so, improve your smile with a set of orthodontic braces. Not only will your teeth look prettier, but […]