Clear Retainers

After spending the time and money on a straight smile, you want to do everything you can to maintain it. No matter your age when you receive braces, your teeth are always at risk for shifting back into their original positions. To prevent this shift, orthodontists will provide retainers to each patient. Dr. Steven Ricci offers clear retainers to help preserve your newly-straightened smile. Clear retainers will keep your teeth in their proper positions while maintaining a discreet, natural appearance.

Clear retainers are very similar in appearance to Invisalign® clear aligners. The most significant difference between the two is that retainers hold your teeth in place to prevent shifting, whereas clear aligners work to move your teeth into their correct positions. Without these retainers, you run the risk of needing braces once again later in life.


The biggest advantage of clear plastic retainers is that they are very discreet. They can even be worn in public without attracting any attention. These retainers do not cover the roof of your mouth, which also makes it easier for you to speak normally. The smaller appearance also makes drinking easier than with a more traditional retainer option. Clear retainers that are properly fitted to your teeth make it nearly impossible for your teeth to shift out of position.


Clear aligners have an average lifespan of about 2 years. Because the clear retainers cover your teeth, when you bite down on something you will be biting the clear material of your retainer. This biting may cause damage to the retainer over time. Clear retainers can also become yellow or gray if not thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis. To clean your retainer, simply run it under cold water and gently brush with your toothbrush. For a deeper clean, allow your retainer to soak in a mouthwash. If you have issues with your retainers, simply reach out to your orthodontist. Most offices will refit you for a retainer should damage occur or should you lose your retainer.


The team at Ricci Orthodontics is ready to help the residents of Johns Creek, Georgia with their dental needs. Before you look at retainers, you must determine which orthodontic services are necessary. Our office can provide braces for children, teens, and even adults. It’s never too late to get the smile you want and deserve. We provide the following options for braces:

If you have questions about your options or about clear retainers, reach out to our team today. Contact Ricci Orthodontics today by calling 678-417-9848 to learn how our team can help you achieve and maintain a straighter smile.