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Read real patient reviews for Ricci Orthodontics.

Ricci Orthodontics has helped patients of all ages achieve healthier and more aesthetic smiles for over 20 years. We invite you to read some of our Ricci Orthodontics reviews and see how others have benefited from visiting our skilled orthodontist in Johns Creek, Georgia.

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Dr Ricci and staffs are very professional and nice. They take their time to make sure the treatment is done properly. We like the place and definitely recommend.

– Niranjan J. | 4/21

I absolutely love Ricci’s Ortho! The staff here are so sweet; I have conversations with them every time I visit. I currently have Invisalign and the the treatment has really improved the alignment of my teeth. Dr. Ricci is really nice and looks to improve the smiles of his patients to the best that they can be. GO HERE!!!!!

– Kimberly V. | 1/21

Ricci Orthodontics is not just a place for you to get braces, but it is also a place for you to have fun while doing it. The staff can not only do their job well, but they also know how to have fun with their patients while doing it. They are very outgoing and know just what to say to anyone who comes in, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be professional when needed. I know that every time I return, I always have a hilarious conversation or a fun titbit with the staff. Also, they always have cool games or quizzes for us to do while we wait. And during this pandemic, they have implemented the appropriate safety procedures without losing their distinctive personality. I know that braces are not always fun, but the staff are all so welcoming and fun that it is impossible not to enjoy the process. I know that I will always have good memories of this place.

– Harini S. | 1/21

I'm very pleased with Ricci Orthodontics. Dr. Ricci and the office staff are all very helpful, flexible and knowledgeable. And most of all, my daughter's teeth are looking great!

– Tracy T. | 1/21

We have absolutely loved our experience so far with Ricci Orthodontics. Everyone is so friendly, and the atmosphere is upbeat and happy. My kids have commented many times on how nice everyone is. They are very professional and responsive as well.

– Beth G. | 1/21

Have had two wonderful experiences with beautiful results for my kids' braces. We had bite issues to resolve as well as just straightening their teeth and always felt that Dr Ricci was completely up on all the latest options and techniques. They are so great with the kids and send notes in the mail after their visits that are such a special touch. Highly recommended!

– Heather F. | 10/20

The place is really clean and sanitary. The doctors are amazing and do a really great job!!

– Rhea U. | 10/20

Since my knowledge of orthodontics is minimal, I didn't know what to ask, or on what basis to evaluate and choose an orthodontist for my 9 year old son. Of the 3 offices I considered, Ricci was the most informative and engaging. When I had questions of the other options, I initiated the calls. But Ricci reached out to me several times to make sure all my questions had been answered. My son says he loves Ricci Orthodontics because his experience has been full of pleasant surprises (gift cards and treats after visits) and, most importantly, fun! We're about 6 months into our first experience with braces, and we are very pleased with the professionalism, knowledge, warmth and expertise of Dr. Ricci and his staff.

– MH G. | 10/20

This is my orthodontist and I absolutely love the service. They are very fast and organized, and also kind. I would recommend. 10/10.

– Nora M. | 9/20

I love Ricci Orthodontics. They are very upfront with costs from the beginning, and the staff is really friendly and helpful. Dr. Ricci is always available to help and explain everything that is going on with my children's treatment. I highly recommend this practice!

– Carolina S. | 9/20

Dr. Ricci and staff are professional and knowledgable, and they are incredibly fun and friendly as well. We couldn’t ask for a better orthodontist!

– Stacy S. | 1/20

Ricci Orthodontics has served my family for many years. They are always so welcoming and personable. I love going to my visits. Dr. Ricci helped me through braces as a kid and now, Invisalign as an adult. Thank you all for your hard work in making perfect smiles! I highly recommend Dr. Ricci and his staff for any of your orthodontic needs.

– Brittany G. | 1/20

We love Dr Ricci and the staff! Morgan and Sandra at front desk are always so kind! Ashlee and Elise always make my children at ease during the appointments. They are always on time!! Dr Ricci is the best! We highly recommend!

– Fabiana C. | 1/20

I’ve had 2 kids with braces and had a great experience at Ricci with both of them. The staff is friendly and Dr Ricci is professional and a wonderful orthodontist. We never had to wait for our scheduled appointment time. I 100% recommend Ricci Orthodontics!

– Julie S. | 11/19

I cant express how wonderful my experience has been with Dr. Ricci. He is the best. I travel an hour and a half to see him because from the moment I stepped into his office he and his staff made me feel as if I were a part of their family. Not only is he kind he knows exactly what to do to give you the best smile ever, I have never smiled so much in my life. And to top it off his office is very warm and welcoming. Thank You Dr. Ricci and Staff. I highly recommend.

– Katrina L | 9/19

We love Dr Ricci and his team. My girls (elementary age) cannot wait for their appointments. They are always excited and ready to go! The team at Dr Ricci is so caring and fun. They make them feel special and like individuals. Care and consideration of their age and needs is always given. I have never felt pressured into any decision and they always make adjustments depending on the heath and best options for your child. The best part for the girls is seeing each months prize pack competition. Thank you for making this such a positive experience for my young ladies.

– Victoria S | 8/19

“Very professional, quick and up to date equipment. Went in for a quick look and discuss Invisalign and was out in less then an hour. Dr. Ricci and his team are incredible. 10/10 would recommend to friends and family. The patient coordinator, Morgan, was particularly quick to answer any questions and walk me through the process in detail. Great experience!”

– Drew D. | 6/19

“Being new to the area can sometimes be frustrating when it comes to finding a good Orthodontist. Thanks to my many friends we found Dr. Ricci. Although there are lots to choose from Dr. Ricci owns his own practice and he is the only Doctor you see. This is a huge difference in. patient care. His attention to detail is impeccable. Bedside manner is just awesome. Every child we know loves going to their appointments. The office staff from Kelly to Morgan were absolutely a delight in helping with appointments and any and all questions. If I could give them all 100 STARS I would. We appreciate you and your staff.”

– Robert A. | 6/19

“Have loved working with this practice! The staff is amazing, so personable, Dr. Ricci is great with the kids and we have seen great results!”

– Lisa B. | 6/19

“Love the fun, friendly atmosphere! My little guy’s teeth are looking better and better everyday!”

– Josephine C. | 4/19

“So very thankful that we found Dr. Ricci!!! We had my oldest daughter’s braces done at a different orthodontist that I was never fully happy with. When it came time for my younger daughter to get braces I took the referral of a friend and chose Dr. Ricci. WOW what a difference in everything! From excellent customer service by the office staff to professional expertise by Dr. Ricci. The office was always easy to communicate with by phone and email and always accommodating. My daughter absolutely loved Ashlee. I always felt like we were getting top notch treatment. When my daughter was younger she broke off 3/4 of her two front permanent teeth in a bike accident. I wanted to make sure that we went to an orthodontist who would ensure the best result for her. She got her braces off and is in the process of getting her 2 front teeth rebonded (was given a great referral for cosmetic dentist) then Dr. Ricci will set her up with her final retainer. I could not be happier with the whole experience. I would highly recommend Dr. Ricci to anyone looking for the best!”

– Theresa F. | 2/19

“It’s honestly the best place. The best service. The best braces. The best people. The best. Hands down”

– Jessica D. | 11/18

“I love Dr. Ricci and his staff. They go above and beyond with helping me for my orthodontic care. It is very easy to schedule an appointment with them and the staff is very friendly. Dr. Ricci has given me tips on my flossing/dental issues with the Invisalign process that also helped my chronic gum/tooth pain. Pro tip: Google Maps GPS may take you the wrong way (right across the street instead of where they are actually located). They are located next to Jet’s pizza in a large shopping center on a hill.”

– Kristie V. | 9/18

My case was more complex than most, being adult braces being done mostly by Dr. Ricci, but then pinging several times between Dr. Ricci and my regular dentist at the end of treatment. Dr. Ricci’s office was professional, friendly, and service was excellent. I was really happy with the results, and the way they took appointments from me that had to be done within hours of the regular dentist. I never had a problem with his office, and they were always friendly. They are a great place and I highly recommend them. If they can handle my rather complex case, they can handle any run-of-the-road kids and adult braces.

– Steve K | 9/16

The people here are so nice! The gift cards, thank you notes, and cost of the braces are all great! I’d recommend this practice to anyone looking to get braces!

– Lori and Corey Edwards. | 5/16

I love this place

– Serad | 10/15

The most memorable moment about my experience during treatment is when Dr. Ricci told me that I could get my braces off. I would tell someone deciding between orthodontist that the people at Ricci Orthodontics are very nice and helpful.

– Caroline G. | 7/15

How do you feel about your new smile? ~ At first it was weird, but after a few minutes I was obsessed with my smile. I couldn’t stop looking at myself in the mirror. ~ What would you tell someone deciding between multiple orthodontist? ~ The staff at Ricci is really friendly, and they make you feel really welcome.

– David M. | 7/15

The staff is so friendly and nice. They really helped my daughter feel comfortable when she was nervous. My daughter loved the monthly contests and spinning the wheel. They made going to the Orthodontist a much more fun and positive experience. We just completed round one of two rounds of treatment and it has gone very well so far. The treatment was easier than expected. Her teeth look perfect. We’re very happy with the results.

– Alison G. | 6/15

What was most memorable about your treatment? ~Friendly and helpful even when we came in late… Why should someone pick Ricci Orthodontics? ~Positive experience in a friendly environment….and they always explain all procedures. How do you feel about your new smile? ~Best experience ever!

– Cathy R. | 4/15

Awesome Orthodontist to go to

– Brendan B | 3/15

Love the friendliness of your staff. Office has a “warm” atmosphere. My kids didn’t mind coming for appointments – they loved all the fun “perks”. (Gift cards, Birthdays, movie tickets were a big hit!) I looked at several treatment options, but found Ricci Orthodontics to be the best all around. They are professional, friendly and affordable!

– Dottie | 3/15

We like the staff, who are friendly and make us feel welcome and relaxed. They have treated 3 of our daughters, with bite issues.

– Anita C | 1/15