Kid Braces in Johns Creek GA

Every parent wants their child to have the best smile possible. A great smile is a confidence booster for an individual of any age. A straight smile can even make the difference in oral health as the years go on. Braces for kids is an excellent option to help the oral health of your child while giving them the straight smile they deserve.

While some children are excited to straighten their smile with braces, others are nervous about the look and feel of these orthodontic devices. Parents are sure to have some questions and concerns regarding this style of treatment.


The childhood and teenage years are a great time for orthodontic treatment. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that a child receive their first orthodontic screening by the age of seven years. We encourage you to bring your child to our office by this age to evaluate their need for orthodontic treatment. When we are able to start treatment early, we can often detect and correct potential problems before they become more serious. This can save you and your child time, as well as money.

Early orthodontic treatment is advantageous because a young child’s teeth have not finished erupting; this allows us to guide their eruption and address any problems at the earliest possible stage. Whether your child needs removable or fixed appliances, early orthodontic treatment can help to:

  • Provide more room for crowded erupting teeth
  • Preserve space for teeth that have not yet erupted
  • Create facial symmetry by manipulating jaw growth
  • Reduce the possible need for tooth extraction
  • Reduce the overall treatment time


Today, braces for kids include more than just your traditional metal options. By learning about each option, you can work with your orthodontist to determine which braces are the best for your child. With so many options, every parent is sure to find a style that fits the needs and lifestyle of their child. Ricci Orthodontics offers the following options of braces for kids:


When you bring your child to our practice, our dentist will be able to determine whether treatment is needed and when it should begin. If early orthodontic treatment is necessary, we will create a personalized treatment plan for optimal results. Ricci Orthodontics, led by orthodontist Dr. Steven Ricci, offers orthodontic care for kids as young as six. We also provide orthodontic services for teens and adults as well. Contact Ricci Orthodontics at (678) 932-0308 to learn more about braces for kids in Johns Creek, Georgia. Speak with a team member to schedule your child’s orthodontic consultation.