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woman identifies retainers that are right for her

What Retainer is Right for You?

If you would like to realign your teeth–or keep them aligned–there are a few different treatment options. One of those options is to use retainers.  Retainers are normally used after braces have aligned your teeth, but they may also be used to adjust minor misalignments that have not been treated with braces in some cases.  Retainers are […]

cleaning a retainer with a toothbrush after learning how to clean a retainer

Cleaning A Retainer

Cleaning and maintaining a retainer is a crucial part of wearing one. Now that your teeth are properly aligned thanks to your braces or Invisalign® treatment, wearing a retainer will keep them in alignment. But failing to clean your retainer can cause dental problems that would require further care and could possibly ruin the smile […]

Woman smiles as she thinks about caring for braces

Caring for Braces

The time has finally come. After years of putting it off, you’ve finally broken down and gotten braces for either yourself or your child. However, now that you’ve got them, you’re not sure how to properly care for them. You remember your dentist telling you that if you damage your braces, you’d have them for […]

happy female patients after learning tips for wearing a retainer

Embrace New Beginnings With Ricci Orthodontics

So, you just got your retainers… now what? You’re officially fit to take on the world! With great celebration comes great responsibility, which means that you need to find the perfect hiding place for your retainers. Believe it or not, they’re among Fido’s all-time favorite snacks. All of our hard work is (almost) done, and […]