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So, you just got your retainers… now what? You’re officially fit to take on the world! With great celebration comes great responsibility, which means that you need to find the perfect hiding place for your retainers. Believe it or not, they’re among Fido’s all-time favorite snacks. All of our hard work is (almost) done, and you’re officially ready to enjoy a brace/Invisalign-free life! Consider the following tips for wearing a retainer to make your experience more enjoyable and effective! If you’re looking for retainers in Johns Creek, GA, look no further than Ricci Orthodontics!

Our Tips for Wearing a Retainer

In order to maintain the longevity of your new-and-improved smile, consistent retainer wear is crucial, so make sure to establish a routine that works best for your lifestyle and schedule! Chances are, you’ve just started a new school year, and believe us, we know how this makes it extra difficult to not only wear your retainers, but also store them properly. Here are a few helpful tips to take advantage of throughout the school year:

Tip #1– One important thing to remember is that you should be wearing your retainers full time, so you’ll want to take advantage during your school hours. How can you make absolutely sure you don’t forget your retainer while rushing out of the house to make it to school on time? Set a timer in the morning to pop your retainer in right before it’s time to leave.

Tip #2– Bring your retainer storage case to school with you, and always keep it in your backpack or purse. When you make your journey to lunch, take out your retainer and put it directly into the case and then into your backpack. This ensures that you don’t accidentally throw away your retainer along with your lunch! (Trust us, this happens A LOT)

Tip #3– When you’re not eating, you should be wearing your retainer. If you keep them in your mouth, they’ll go home with you and you’ll continue to get maximum wear out of them. Remember, even a day of non-wear can lead to possible shifting in your new smile.

Where exactly should you hide your retainer(s)?

Many people have made the mistake of storing their retainer on their bedside table, bathroom counter, or other low surfaces in their home.

The key is to find a place that is unreachable for a pet, but a place that you will personally remember so they don’t end up lost. If it helps, consider putting a sticky note on your mirror to help remind you of your sacred hiding place. Luckily, if they are in your mouth the majority of the time, you won’t exactly need a hiding place. If you happen to have a couple of extra sets, store them in a secured cabinet, high shelf, or a safe! (And don’t give Fido the password)

Turn to Ricci Orthodontics for More Tips for Wearing a Retainer

Now that you’ve been prepped for success, we hope that you can enjoy your new smile with no worries in the world! If you’re still unsure about how to care for your retainer, we are always available to help answer your questions! If you’re in need of our orthodontic services, call today at [Direct].

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