Before and After Braces

young girl smiling before and after braces

In pictures of before and after braces, individuals can see how this orthodontic treatment works in practice. Braces essentially use a gentle, constant pressure to move teeth into the correct position. Since this pressure is extremely gentle, it takes time for the braces to complete their work.

How Braces Work

Braces are a dental device that helps to move teeth safely and effectively. They slowly work to fix tooth gaps, crooked teeth, and crowded teeth. Some people use them for health-related reasons, and other people want braces to make their teeth more attractive. No matter what, you can bet that your smile will look different before and after braces.

Braces consist of brackets, glue, wires, and elastic. Adhesive attaches the brackets to the teeth. Then, the dentist runs a wire from one bracket to the next. When someone needs to correct an overbite, elastic connects the brackets on the back teeth of the top and lower jaw to push the bite in the right direction.

To move the teeth, the orthodontist adjusts the curvature and shape of the wire. Crimping the wire can pull a tooth in one direction. The main goal of the wire is to apply pressure and get the teeth to move to the right spot. Once the orthodontist is sure the treatment worked, they take the braces off and thoroughly clean the teeth.


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What to Expect Before and After Braces

When someone looks in the mirror, they can clearly see the difference from before and after braces. People start out with crooked teeth, gaps, and misaligned bites. Initially, an orthodontist may ask questions about the individual’s health and take impressions of their teeth. They may perform a clinical exam and take X-rays of the patient’s mouth.

If the orthodontist decides that braces are the right choice, they will put them on the patient’s teeth. Then, the orthodontist will adjust the braces about once a month or so. As the teeth move, the orthodontist readjusts the wires so that they exert a consistent tension. Depending on the person, the entire process can take anywhere from one to three years.

After the process is complete, the orthodontist removes the braces and thoroughly cleans the individual’s teeth. Since the orthodontist took a picture before doing any work, they can show the patient before and after braces pictures. Before they take the final pictures, they will do more bite impressions and X-rays to make sure that everything is truly complete. The patient will also get a retainer to wear to keep the teeth in their new positions.

Discovering Beautiful, Healthy Teeth

Getting braces in Johns Creek Georgia does not have to be intimidating or difficult. Braces may make someone’s teeth feel sore or uncomfortable at times, but the process rarely causes serious pain. In most cases, over-the-counter pain relievers are the only thing patients need to relieve the discomfort.

Through the right orthodontic services, individuals can find treatment options such as:

Orthodontics can completely reshape your smile and make crooked teeth a distant memory. If you want a brighter, straighter smile, contact Ricci Orthodontics today at [Direct].

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