Tooth Extraction for Braces

young patient getting a tooth extraction for bracesHaving Dr. Steven Ricci install traditional metal braces in your child’s mouth creates an effective system capable of realigning your son or daughter’s misaligned teeth. This is often a necessary step for preserving the integrity of their teeth. Also, it prevents complications from dental attrition and dental fractures. However, a tooth extraction for braces is often necessary to avoid stalling the process. It also helps to correct common braces problems. Avoiding issues with premature teeth or a tooth creating one of the problems can help speed the process up. 

Tooth Extraction for Braces

Dr. Ricci orthodontic specialists often use traditional braces to correct an underbite, overbite, significantly misaligned teeth, or problems resulting from overcrowded teeth.

In a case of significant overcrowding that causes a single tooth to turn at a severe angle, we might recommend extracting a tooth. The small void created will provide sufficient space for the other teeth to gradually move into. A tooth extraction for braces is also helpful when premature or “baby” teeth are still in the mouth. Instead of waiting until the teeth fall out on their own, an extraction can speed up the process. If an orthodontist attaches a bracket to a premature tooth, they run the risk of the tooth becoming loose during the process. 

Afterward, we will likely prescribe pain management or anti-inflammatory medications to help your child remain comfortable while the underlying periodontal tissues heal.

You should expect the extraction site sutures to bleed a little for a day or two after the treatment. They can control the bleeding by lightly biting down on a piece of sterile gauze. Once the bleeding stops, a gentle rinse with lukewarm saltwater can help clear their mouth.  

Ricci Orthodontics

At Ricci Orthodontics, we work hard to create the best smiles for our patients, no matter their age. When it comes to our younger patients, we often use two-phase orthodontics. The first phase helps to correct any abnormal jaw growth that’s occurring. Then, the second phase corrects any issues once the mature teeth grow. If a patient can’t wait to begin the second phase, tooth extraction for braces comes into play. We pride ourselves on being the go-to office for Johns Creek braces for kids. We aim to give everyone the smile of their dreams through our services.

For older patients, we offer the following:

  • Ceramic braces
  • Colored braces
  • Lingual braces
  • Metal braces
  • Spaces for braces
  • Wilkodontics accelerated braces
  • Invisalign
  • Retainers
  • TruDenta
  • Patient education

If you live in the Johns Creek, Georgia, area and your son or daughter are struggling with overcrowded teeth, you should call 678-932-0308 to set up a consultation at Ricci Orthodontics. Schedule an appointment to discuss your options. Let us help you and your loved one achieve the smile you desire. 

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