What Is a Periodontist?

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As you brush your teeth, you notice that the gums begin to bleed. Loved ones are commenting on your bad breath. You may need the attention of a periodontal healthcare professional. What is a periodontist?

What is a Periodontist?

Before you seek out the orthodontic services Johns Creek, GA trusts, it’s time to take care of your gums’ health. Swollen, red, or bleeding gums are symptoms of periodontitis. A specialist can help get your gums back on track. So, what is a periodontist dentist?

This specialist easily recognizes the condition of your gums. A thorough exam includes a check for a recession of the gum line. Besides that, they may look for problems with the ways that teeth connect during biting. What is a periodontist, but a specialist who knows to look for pockets of possible infection?

How Periodontal Disease Develops

Plaque buildup on your teeth is almost always the cause of the condition. This buildup develops because you don’t properly remove plaque from the teeth. Because it’s a sticky film, it’s easy for bacteria to grow on it.

What is a periodontist dentist going to do about it? For starters, they’ll clean your teeth and remove all signs of infection. Next, they’ll help you understand how to prevent a recurrence of the condition. Now it’s also an excellent time to examine the way your teeth are fitting together when you bite down.

Correcting Problems with the Bite

What is a periodontist who also specializes in orthodontics? The answer is simple: a one-stop service opportunity. After your gums stop bleeding and the swelling recedes, it’s a good time to fix problems with the bite. There are various options open to you.

What is a periodontist dentist going to suggest when you want to get the process over with quickly? Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics is one option. Because it involves oral surgery to change the mineral content of the bone, teeth move faster. Typically, it takes three to eight months for teeth to move.

In the process, the setup helps your gums heal and regain their optimum thickness. Of course, you could also opt for another type of brace. Examples include:

  • Traditional metal braces that use archwires to move teeth
  • Ceramic braces, which feature clear brackets and move teeth fast
  • Invisible braces (Invisalign) that are excellent options for adults who don’t want others to notice the orthodontic work they’re undergoing
  • Hidden braces that won’t interfere with the way you speak
  • Two-phase orthodontics for younger patients

What is a Periodontist Dentist Going to Suggest about Oral Hygiene?

The goal is to prevent a recurrence of gum disease. What is a periodontist dentist going to suggest but regular tooth-brushing, flossing, and oral rinses? If you’re going ahead with braces, they might also recommend the use of specialized rinses.

It’s time to get help for the health of your teeth. What is a periodontist but quite possibly the first step on your road to regaining your oral health? Learn more about your options today by connecting with Ricci Orthodontics at [Direct] now.

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