What to Know About Braces

man flossing after learning what to know about bracesIf you are looking into getting braces, Ricci Orthodontics is glad to help you choose the best option for your situation. There are different braces for different needs, and one of the more popular brands of braces is Invisalign® clear plastic aligners. Invisalign has become popular because of the advantages they have over traditional metal braces, although they may not be for everyone. Learning what to know about braces is the first step in making a decision about your care. From here, you can begin the process of achieving the smile of your dreams.

What to Know About Braces

Traditional metal braces tend to come to mind whenever someone mentions the term. When it comes to what to know about braces, these are a good starting point. Surgical stainless steel metal brackets attach to the front of the teeth with glue. Then, a wire connects the brackets. The orthodontist will then adjust the hardware to create pressure, which will shift the teeth into their desired position. Once your orthodontist removes the hardware, a retainer is crucial in keeping the teeth in their current position. Without the retainer, the teeth will move back to their original positions, making braces necessary again. This makes wearing and caring for your retainer imperative.

About Invisalign

Invisalign excels in the areas of discretion and convenience. The clear aligning trays make it difficult for anyone to know the wearer is using braces. The ability to be discreet with while still wearing braces to straighten teeth has made Invisalign a popular choice among adult users.

The aligning trays Invisalign uses allows the wearer to remove them at any time. This will allow the wearer to keep their normal diet and brushing routines while still wearing braces. This is something traditional metal braces do not offer, as they can’t be removed until the treatment is finished. However, not everyone can wear the Invisalign trays.

There are some circumstances that would prevent Invisalign from being an effective treatment option. Such things include twisted teeth or teeth that require height correction. During your appointment, Dr. Steven Ricci will walk you through the options and help choose the right type of braces for you.

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