What Are Dental Tools?

examples of dental tools that professionals use

One reason individuals tend to avoid the dentist or orthodontist is out of fear. When they enter the office, they come face to face with instruments that tend to appear more frightening than they are. To help calm your nerves, ask your dentist or orthodontist, what are dental tools and how do you use them? Through patient education, we can eliminate the unnecessary fear that surrounds the dentist and orthodontist office.

What Are Dental Tools?

When you enter your dental office, you may look at the tray by the chair and wonder, “what are dental tools?”

Dental tools are the pieces of equipment that dentists use to clean and exam your teeth during appointments.

  • Mouth mirror- This mirror allows dentists to see areas on the teeth that normally are hidden. It can also help the dentist to move and hold the tongue while they work.
  • Sickle probe- While this tool sounds and appear scary, it’s actually quite useful. Dentists will use this tool to identify any signs of gum disease or cavities. It helps to not only explore the pockets of the teeth, but it can also aid in removing plaque.
  • Saliva ejector- This tool helps to keep the mouth and teeth dry and free of saliva. Suction helps to remove the saliva from the area the dentist is working in.
  • Mold- Whether you need a new crown, bridge, or even braces, a mold is necessary for professionals. It leaves an impression of the teeth for the dentist or orthodontist to work with as they prepare other tools or appliances.

Orthodontic Appliances

When it comes to orthodontics, professionals use different types of orthodontic appliances during their services. Common appliances orthodontists use include the following:

  • Braces– Whether they use traditional metal appliances or they use more modern appliances, orthodontists use braces help to gradually shift teeth into their desired position. By using brackets and pressure, teeth begin to shift into the place they need to be.
  • Retainers– A retainer will help to keep the teeth in their new position. Without retainers, teeth can begin to move back to their original positions prior to braces.
  • Spacers– Spacers or separators are the bands used to create a space in-between teeth to attach brackets. Without spacers, future bands won’t be used.
  • Face mask- A face mask helps to align the jaw during growth and correct issues with the jaw.
  • Rapid Palatal Expander- This device is attached to the top of the mouth to help expand the top of the mouth. This makes it possible to use braces or other devices to correct issues with teeth alignment and function.

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