The Different Types of Braces

doctor explains the different types of braces

Braces are no longer the bulky, painful appliances that once resulted in children sometimes being called “metal mouth.” Today, they provide the wearer with a more aesthetic appearance, with less pain and discomfort. The caring team at Ricci Orthodontics offers customized care for every member of the family.

Why Does a Person Need Braces?

People need braces for many reasons. They are necessary to correct specific conditions such as crooked or crowded teeth known as malocclusion. Another common reason that a person needs braces is because of a bad bite. Some individuals need them due to issues with the alignment of their jaw. Straightening teeth makes it easier to floss between teeth, improving your dental health.

Braces are necessary to help correct certain conditions to prevent the worsening or the development of future issues such as:

  • Tooth decay or tooth loss
  • Abnormal wear to the enamel
  • Gum disease
  • Chewing or speech issues
  • Jaw issues

Ricci Orthodontics provides high-quality care to help you and your family with your need for braces or other services, such as oral cancer screenings.

What are the Different Types of Braces?

People with braces are no longer forced to endure a mouth full of wires and brackets. Today’s modern braces are hardly noticeable and can correct problems in much less time.

One important fact to note is that braces are not just for children. Sources indicate that up to 20 percent of people that wear braces are adults. The different kinds of braces available today are likely one of the main reasons that more adults are choosing to get braces. We offer the following types of braces at Ricci:

Traditional Metal Braces

The traditional metal braces, which are the type that most people are familiar with, are still available today. They are much lighter and less bulky than they used to be. The thin archwire, high-grade stainless steel, and tiny elastics are likely appreciated by individuals that choose this option, especially if they previously wore the older, more traditional style.

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are tooth-colored or clear yet are generally the same size and shape as traditional braces. This type is less prone to stains. The natural or clear color helps them to be less noticeable, a feature that likely guides some individuals to choose this option.

Lingual Braces

Another option is lingual braces. Your orthodontist at Ricci Orthodontics places the wires and brackets on the inside of the teeth, rather than on the outside like the traditional metal style. This makes them less noticeable.


Invisible braces, also known as Invisalign, are an optimal choice for people who want to keep their braces undetectable. These aligning trays are a specifically customized series of clear, plastic aligners that help to straighten your teeth. The sets of aligners are changed every two weeks as instructed by your Johns Creek Georgia orthodontist.

Are you a candidate for Invisalign Adult or Invisalign Teen? Dr. Steven Ricci will discuss your options with you and answer your questions regarding whether you or your family member is a potential candidate for Invisalign.

Learn More about the Types of Braces at Ricci Orthodontics

Braces do not have to be bulky, painful, or unsightly to help correct a variety of issues that can affect your long-term dental health and self-esteem. Today’s colored braces or other possible personalized options are available for you, your child, or other loved one.

Reach out to Ricci Orthodontics and learn more about getting braces for yourself or a family member. Contact us today by calling [Direct], or contact us online to make an appointment or to discuss your need for other orthodontic treatment services.

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