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woman suffering from malocclusions or bad bites

General Information about Bad Bites

A bad bite refers to a misalignment that occurs within your mouth. When patients talk about having a bad bite, professionals know they’re talking about malocclusions. If you suffer from a bad bite, orthodontic services are required. Although numerous misalignment issues can be caused by your environment and life, many others are the result of […]

young woman suffering from Malocclusions or bad bites

How Well Do You Know Your Malocclusions?

How well do you know your malocclusions? Malocclusions, also known as “bad bites”, refer to misalignments and poor fits with your teeth and jaws. Malocclusions can be caused by a plethora of factors, many of which are out of your control and all require orthodontic services. Understanding the Types of Bad Bites For all the […]