How to Treat Periodontitis

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Periodontitis is a kind of gum infection that can quickly destroy the bones as well as the soft tissue that support the teeth. Once someone has periodontitis, they may also develop wiggly teeth or lose some of their teeth. Finding out how to treat periodontitis is one of the first things people should do if they think that they have this condition.

How Periodontitis Disease Works

Before someone figures out how to treat periodontitis, they need to discover if they actually have this condition or not. This condition causes dark red or purplish gums that may bleed easily. The teeth may also pull away from the gums, or new spaces may develop between them. The individual may suffer from painful chewing, bad breath, loose teeth, as well as swollen gums.

Some people may even develop symptoms like pus between the gums and teeth. Because of how the gums change, the condition may change the way the teeth fit together when someone takes a bite. While it is possible to learn how to treat periodontal disease, it is always better to prevent it instead. Poor oral hygiene is the primary cause of this disease, so brushing twice a day, getting dental checkups and flossing can prevent it from happening.

The Causes of Periodontitis

For most people, periodontitis starts with plaque. This sticky film contains bacteria that feed on sugar in food. Usually, people remove this film when they brush and floss their teeth. If they do not practice good oral hygiene, then plaque can lead to other problems.

Over time, plaque can harden at the gumline and make tartar. This tartar is harder to get rid of and contains a lot of bacteria. If it stays on the teeth for a long time, it causes even more damage. The only way to get rid of tartar is through professional dental cleaning.

Ultimately, plaque can cause gingivitis. This common form of gum disease can lead to periodontitis if people do not treat it. The infection can cause pockets to develop between the teeth and the bone. Ultimately, the infection can also lead to tooth loss and damage the individual’s immune system.

How to treat periodontitis depends entirely on the cause. If someone practices poor dental hygiene, they can try to alleviate their symptoms by brushing and flossing correctly. People are more likely to have periodontitis if they are older, have gingivitis, smoke, chew tobacco, experience hormonal changes, are obese or engage in substance abuse. Certain medications, autoimmune diseases, genetics, and poor diet can also make this disease more likely.

How to Treat Periodontitis

Figuring out how to treat periodontal disease does not have to be complicated. Through orthodontic services in Johns Creek, GA, individuals can learn more about how to treat periodontitis. These treatments may include options like scaling, root planing, antibiotics, flap surgery, soft-tissue grafts, and bone grafting.

At the dental clinic, individuals can also find treatment options, such as:

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