Having an Issue with Your Braces?

young girl experiencing an issue with her braces

young girl experiencing an issue with her bracesMost likely while you are wearing braces you won’t experience issues. But on the occasion when something does go awry, do you know what to do? Today we are going to take a look at just a few issues that may pop up while you are aligning your smile.

If something happens with your braces, we advise you to give us a call so that we can determine if you need to be seen sooner than your next scheduled visit. Sometimes it can wait until your next appointment, and sometimes it can’t.

Meanwhile, you can take some action to be comfortable until you can be seen. Let’s take a look at four common orthodontic problems that may arise while you are wearing braces.

Do you have a wire poking your cheeks?

If a wire pops out and is poking the soft tissues in the mouth, you can use something with a spongy tip to flatten the wire against the tooth. Pencil erasers or Q-tips can be used to do the trick. You can also press orthodontic wax over the wire so that it doesn’t rub or irritate your soft tissues.

Do you have a bracket which has come loose?

Should this occur, you can place wax over the bracket. However, if the bracket actually falls off, put it in a safe place bring it in when you come in for your next scheduled appointment.

Do you have an archwire that has come out of the bracket?

If an archwire accidentally comes out of the bracket, you can just insert the wire back into the tube using tweezers. You can also place wax on it to reduce contact with soft tissue.

Do you have a coil spring which has come off?

If a coil spring comes off, please keep the spring and call our office. If you need to be seen we will get you in, otherwise, it may be put back on during your next scheduled visit.

Braces at Ricci Orthodontics

Dr. Steven Ricci and our caring team at Ricci Orthodontics are always here to help you on your smile alignment journey. Please don’t hesitate to call 678-932-0308 in Johns Creek, Georgia if you have any orthodontic questions or concerns. Let us know so that you don’t end up causing your treatment time to be extended.

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