Can Your Oral Health Be Improved by Cleaning Your Braces?

woman asking Can Your Oral Health Be Improved By Cleaning Your BracesCan your oral health be improved by cleaning your braces? Many kids or teens fail to care for their braces because they rush through their routines. However, the answer to can your oral health be improved by cleaning your braces, is yes.

How Can Your Oral Heath be Improved by Cleaning your Braces?

The maintenance of orthodontic braces is vital to ensure that your braces can continue to do their job of fixing your misalignments. Braces are not designed to keep your teeth safe from bacteria and decay, so it is essential to continue to practice oral health hygiene habits such as brushing and flossing daily. When brushing, use small, gentle movements to avoid damaging your braces. Flossing may be too difficult in some places. An additional level of care may be necessary, often in the form of a supplemental cleaning product such as a mouthwash.

Be sure to clean your braces daily as you would naturally with your teeth. This includes brushing and flossing them and cleaning your retainer as needed. If you cannot floss easily, switch to a water flosser or similar dental tool. For further care, always make the time to attend your regularly scheduled orthodontic appointments.

Protect your braces as you would your normal teeth from hazards that seek to disrupt your natural smile. This includes oral accidents and injuries resulting from contact sports and high-risk activities. If you participate in these types of activities, always wear a mouth guard or appropriate safety equipment to keep your smile safe.

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