Brush Your Teeth With Braces

teen girl learning to brush your teeth with bracesOur office at Ricci Orthodontics in Johns Creek, Georgia, takes serious care and pride when it comes to the quality of your care. We also work on helping you have the smoothest treatment period with your new braces. That is why we are happy to provide you with advice on how to properly brush your teeth with braces. This helps you to keep your smile healthy and your braces in tip-top shape.

How to Brush Your Teeth with Braces

In order to keep your teeth healthy with braces, it is important to remember the importance of your oral health hygiene routine. To brush your teeth with braces, ensure you are brushing twice a day and flossing regularly. When it comes to brushing your teeth with braces, there are special types of toothbrushes that work well with braces. It is best to choose one with soft bristles and can fit the shape and size of your mouth. Choosing a toothpaste that fights against cavities is also helpful in fighting cavities from your teeth.

Flossing your teeth is an important tool when it comes to keeping your teeth and braces healthy. Food particles and debris can easily get stuck in your teeth with braces and plaque will develop in places your toothbrush can’t reach. That is why it is essential to take the time to floss your teeth. Bacteria can also form in your mouthwash so using a mouthwash that clears away bacteria and fights cavities can help keep your braces and smile clean.

Ricci Orthodontics

Ricci Orthodontics is proud to offer the following options for braces for our patients:

  • Metal braces
  • Ceramic braces
  • Invisalign®
  • Lingual braces

If you have questions regarding how to brush your teeth with braces, reach out to our team today. Contact Ricci Orthodontics now at 678-932-0308 to set up an appointment.

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